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Sustainable Media Production Canada is focused on initiatives to improve the environment and human health. A registered non-profit organization, we are a growing group of industry and environmental professionals focused on helping the screen-based industry transition to a more sustainable future. We welcome all those who wish to join us in our efforts.

Our mission guides our work.

We are committed to fostering a thriving, more sustainable film, television, digital media and commercial production industry.  By working with government, non-profit organizations, institutions and business, we support and accelerate the adoption of green production practices, technologies, products and services to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint. The first of our projects is the development of a Green Resource Guide.

What is the Green Resource Guide?

The Green Resource Guide is developed with support from Ontario Creates, the City of Toronto Environment & Energy and Film & Entertainment Industries. It will include a Green Vendor Directory, Best Practices and Case Studies.

Why is Green Production important?

We’re part of a global movement to help the film, television, commercial and digital media production industry be better for the planet.  In the process of practicing our craft, our industry consumes energy and natural resources and generates waste that goes to landfill. Green production aims at reducing the use of energy and unsustainable resources in favour of adopting cleaner technologies and supporting more sustainable behaviours that improve the environment and human health.

How does Sustainable Media Production Canada help?

We’re about making it easier for productions to go green. We are committed to supporting and empowering industry associations and professionals to be better environmental stewards. By making it easier to learn about sustainability practices and find more sustainable resources, all production professionals can make greener choices that make a difference.

Interested in getting involved, or have a story or best practice to contribute?

Please send us an email with your contact information! We’re looking for people just like you, as well as companies and organizations who will help spread the word.

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