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Accurate Head Count for Craft Service and Catering

Difficulty: Easy
Impact Area: Craft Services and Catering
Action Area: Resource Use
Action Item: Accurate Head Count
FID: 703157

Obtain an accurate headcount for ordering. This will ensure the crew is fed while ensuring the least amount of food waste. Track the catering order by head count. Track leftover food for a week to measure the effectiveness of the head out, and identify any patterns that can help predict the volume of food to produce. Adjust accordingly.

This is a change in behaviour and requires adjustments to work flow. Communicate the goal of reducing food waste to the cast and crew in advance, to make securing an accurate head count easier.

Reduce waste to landfill, reduce carbon and methane emissions, reduce water use, and avoid methane gas which is particularly damaging to the environment.

Catering, Craft Services, Reduce, Tracking, waste reduction

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