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Achieving Zero Waste!

Difficulty: Advanced
Impact Area: Organizational Leadership
Action Area: Waste Disposal
Action Item: Achieving Zero Waste
FID: 1002234

Ensure the Zero Waste policy has been committed and adhered to by production crew. Clearly label source separation to inform users. Ensure that records are kept for all reused, recycled and disposed of materials including donations. Ensure that the final destination of all materials can be substantiated. Keep Haulage and weigh tickets should be retained for audit purposes Keep a log of all donated items, weigh if possible or provide an estimate. Ensure that the final destination of all materials can be substantiated.

Achieving Zero Waste requires pre-planning and buy-in from the top. Identify all of the items for reuse and diversion prior to the start of production and that all departments are on board and prepared from the beginning.

Recycling and reusing materials save productions money and benefit communities. On top of this, some haulers offer Zero Waste certification. Make sure to share your experiences as part of a case study or story and market your Zero Waste Production as such!

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