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Actively Use Green Bin and Composting

Difficulty: Medium
Impact Area: Craft Services and Catering
Action Area: Waste Disposal
Action Item: Actively Use Green Bin
FID: 704171

Use a green bin to compost food waste, biodegradable products and organic materials. Consult your waste hauler for more details about organic collection. If your contracted waste hauler does not offer organic collection, consider hiring one who does for as a specialized service. Negotiate this as part of the procurement process. If you are in a rural area, consider establishing a composter.

Keep garbage and green bins clean of contaminating waste. Educate building occupants on what goes in the green bin or composter.

Reduce waste to landfill, especially organic waste which produces methane gas, a significant contributor to climate change. You may be able to achieve waste disposal savings, too. You will also be in compliance with incoming government policies which are designed to encourage organic waste collection.

Catering, Craft Services, Food, Organic waste, Waste Disposal, Zero Waste

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