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Actively Use Green Bin – Biodegradable Materials

Difficulty: Medium
Action Area: Waste Disposal
Action Item: Actively Use Green Bin
FID: 504120

Use a green bin to compost food waste, biodegradable products and organic materials. Consult your waste vendor and/or municipality for more details about green bin recycling and what can go in as regions will vary.

Keep recycling bins clean of contaminating waste. This is a challenge and requires vigilance and education of staff and production personnel. Keep garbage out of the green bin. Biodegradable packaging is being used in many workplaces. Since it looks like plastic, most facilities will not accept it. According to the Compost Council of Canada, it is not usually accepted in municipal recycling programs, either. As a result it is important to check with the waste hauler and/or municipality on proper disposal. Paper-based packaging is usually accepted in the compost bin. Confirm what is correct in your jurisdiction prior to purchase and use.

Reduce waste to landfill. If you are using compostable plastics, check with your waste hauler / green bin collection company to confirm how to dispose of these items. Otherwise, there is a likelihood they will be considered contaminants.

Composting, Food, Food Waste, Organic, Organic waste, Packaging, Plastic-free, Waste, Zero Waste

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