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Ask for Waste Diversion Report

Difficulty: Medium
Impact Area: Waste Disposal
Action Area: Waste Disposal
Action Item: Ask for Diversion Report
FID: 204057

Ask for a waste diversion report from your waste hauler or waste collector. This report provides confirmation about what happened to construction waste materials. You will need to have access to the weight slips or receipts from receiving use, recycling or disposal facilities.

Engage your hauler or collector to produce a waste diversion report and share the findings with the production crew. Securing buy-in is most easily accomplished at the time of procuring a waste hauler.

This activity provides insight on waste generated by the organization, by operation. As a result, you can plan for what items you need to recycle or find use for on your next production. It is also important for sustainability reports.

Benchmarking, Certification, Circular Economy, Goals, Procurement, Recycling, Reporting, Reuse, Sustainability, Waste, Waste Diversion, Zero Waste

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