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Bulky Items for Disposal and Donation

Action Area: Waste Disposal
Action Item: Bulky Items for Disposal
FID: 704175

Set out bulky items for collection. Do not place these items in the waste bins which are reserved for specific items. Research how to dispose of these items outside of the production's hauler. Use the directory to search under tags such as Donate.

Do not wait to the last minute to make plans for the item's disposal. Plan for disposal of the item(s) as early as possible in the production cycle. Research charities and companies and identify opportunities for its reuse wherever possible.

An efficient, effective waste diversion program can help reduce costs by diverting waste from landfill, either through selling it, donating it, or disassembling the item to recycle parts. Check with your hauler to confirm their process of disposal as a last resort. Research how to properly dispose of the item by calling your municipality or checking a waste app.

Charity, Circular Economy, Donate, Education, Recycling, Training, Waste, Waste Diversion, waste reduction, Zero Waste

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