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Donate Leftover Materials

Difficulty: Easy
Impact Area: Organizational Leadership
Action Area: Waste Disposal
Action Item: Donate Leftover Materials
FID: 1002227

Identify donation recipients and their locations for specific materials, such as unused paints, flats, wardrobe and so on. Call in advance to inquire about the pick-up/drop-off requirements. Confirm the schedule well in advance of wrap. Keep track of the items available for donation and report them to the Green PA.

It is sometimes hard to know in advance the volume of donated materials that can be made available to the charity or user. The most important aspect of this activity is to understand what is accepted by the recipient, and to plan for the materials to be dropped off or picked up.

The positive benefits of this activity cannot be overstated! Recipients are grateful to receive materials that are within their mandates. You may need to schedule a half-day or day to drop off materials to multiple locations, but the benefits are enormous to communities in need.

Charity, Circular Economy, Donate, Recycling, Reuse, Waste, waste reduction

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