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Donate Leftover Food

Difficulty: Medium
Action Area: Waste Disposal
Action Item: Donate unneeded items
FID: 704172

Donate all edible leftovers to local food banks and charities. Do not plate all available food right away. Refrigerate appropriate food in refrigerators until ready to donate. Keep food safe. 

This is different than business as usual and requires planning and training of key staff. Research or consult SMPC's Green Vendor Directory for charities or review for a comprehensive network of organizations across Ontario.

Organics create methane gas which is a significant contributor to climate change. Future-proof your organization by re-directing organic waste from landfill which is an objective of governments in order to extend the life of existing landfills, and to meet their emissions targets. You will learn how to comply with future policies and requirements. Plus, you can help communities in need while at the same time honouring the highest and best use of the resources at your disposal. You may even be able to save money on waste disposal.

Catering, Charity, Circular Economy, Craft Services, Donate, Food, Local, Organic waste, Transportation, Volunteer, Waste Diversion, waste reduction, Zero Waste

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