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Hire an Environmental Steward on set

Difficulty: Advanced
Impact Area: Organizational Leadership
Action Area: Marketing
Action Item: Hire an Environmental Steward on set
FID: 201012

Once goals have been set to make your production more sustainable, hire an environmental steward/coordinator. This person will oversee all sustainable actions and is responsible for tracking progress, answering questions for staff and provide training on best practices. 

Hiring an environmental coordinator is beneficial to meeting sustainability targets. There can be significant cost savings, but that can be difficult to communicate at first.

There can be considerable cost savings - in some cases, about $80,000 for a large production or TV show. A coordinator will be responsible for maintaining the environmental goals of the organization and offer support to staff who are responsible for managing their own departments. Your objectives are more likely to be met with accountability.

Environmental Stewards, Green Production Assistant, Incentives, PA, Sustainability, Tracking, Waste

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