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Procuring a Waste Hauler

Difficulty: Easy
Impact Area: Organizational Leadership
Action Area: Waste Disposal
Action Item: Procuring a Waste Hauler
FID: 1002233

Ensure that you dispose of your construction materials, organic waste, wardrobe, sets and so on effectively. Ensure you communicate your requirements to your waste hauler before procuring their services. Ask for their Acceptance Criteria to you so that you can confirm that waste will be disposed of appropriately, and ensure that systems are in place to source separate during production. Ask about organic waste collection and confirm you will receive a waste disposal report.

The Acceptance Criteria ensures the highest value is realized for materials. These set parameters include staging and sorting requirements and contamination thresholds for reuse, recycling and disposal.  Ensure that all source separation programs are consistent with the waste and recycling service provider requirements. It is useful to check the Hauler's Acceptance Requirements comply with regional municipal requirements.

A clear understanding of the impact of your efforts. This feedback contributes to great morale for everyone on the production who has worked hard to divert waste from landfill.

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