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Purchase Locally

Difficulty: Medium
Impact Area: Organizational Leadership
Action Area: Marketing
Action Item: Purchase locally
FID: 201023

By purchasing at least some of your items locally, you can greatly reduce the emissions of shipping those items and boost the economic development potential of your activities.  

To ensure that you are getting the most cost-effective solution, select a vendor that meets your cost and sustainability needs. In some cases, you may choose to forgo branding in favour of unbranded or generic items to allow for a bulk purchase, and use over several productions. Whatever you choose, monitor the use of the items during the full production cycle to maximize benefits to the environment and the bottom line. 

This activity reduces emissions. In the case of food, by purchasing food from Ontario's Greenbelt, food miles can be reduced from 2,500 KM to only about 250 KM! Local food policies like this one supports local farmers and food processors.

Casting, Cleaning, Environmental Stewards, Equipment, Food, Local, Low-Emission, Policy, Procurement, Production, Transportation

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