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Sustainable Catering Contracts

Difficulty: Advanced
Action Area: Resource Use
Action Item: Sustainable Catering Contracts
FID: 703167

Include sustainable measures in catering contract (organic, local, reduced packaging/no single use plastics, donate leftover food to local charities, no plastic water bottles). Ensure the caterer has a policy to reduce food waste, such as donating leftover food. If not, support the creation of one using this guide or through research. Consider including one meatless meal each week to reduce carbon emissions.

Meeting with management to organize procurement of food vendors contract. Set targets that align with your organization. Consult staff and crew to learn of any dietary requirements. Educate crew on the rationale for changes to the food.

Less food waste, reduced costs in waste disposal, healthier food, reduce carbon emissions and donate food to local charities. Some reports indicate that more food waste winds up in landfills than plastic. Food waste produces methane gas which is a particularly potent greenhouse gas.

Beverage, Catering, Charity, Composting, Craft Services, Donate, Food, Local, Location Support, Organic waste, Plastic-free, Procurement, Production, Recycling, Reuse, Studio, waste reduction, Water, Zero Waste

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