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Sustainable Coffee

Difficulty: Medium
Impact Area: Craft Services & Catering
Action Area: Resource Use
Action Item: Sustainable Coffee
FID: 703163

Ensure coffee is sourced responsibly. Check to see that farmers use environmental, bird-friendly best practices (i.e. organic and/or shade-grown coffee). Use biodegradable or reusable cups. Use a coffee machine which will take reusable filters instead of individual pods. If you use a pod coffee maker, hire a coffee provider who will verify that they collect and recycle the pods.  Encourage and incent production personnel to bring reusable coffee mugs from home. If you use compostable coffee cups on set, be sure that crew know to place the composable coffee cups in the organic bins, and that these are readily available throughout the set.

Sustainable product may not be readily available. Will require purchase planning

Lowered impact on environment

Compliance, Food, Standards

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