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Best Green Practices: Contribute your expertise to the collective wisdom

Thank you to everyone who convened for our “Best Practices for Sustainable Production” meeting last week. Production professionals came from many different departments, had varied backgrounds and held different responsibilities within the film, television, digital media and commercial production industry in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec.

Nadia Jethoo, Sustainable Media Production Canada’s Research Assistant, explained the rationale behind the work. Nadia took the group of enthusiastic participants through 10 Environmental Impact Areas and four Action Areas, and explained how they worked together. The net result will be a selection of Best Practices that make it easier for production professionals to reduce the environmental impact of their work, make more informed decisions and take more effective action in their workplace.  Learn more by checking out Nadia’s blog “Why Best Practices for Sustainable Production?”

Sustainable Media Production Canada is seeking input on the Best Practices to ensure they are truly best-in-class.  Tell us what works for your region, what is feasible, and what’s missing. We’ve collected over 175 best practices from a variety of sources and covered most departments. Some practices are fairly basic and can be undertaken by almost anyone. Other practices require greater commitment and buy-in right from the top.

Right away, participants gave great feedback. There is still time to get involved before we finalize the first batch and put them up online.  If you wish to contribute your expertise to the collective wisdom, please get in touch.

Our next meeting will be posted soon. Thank you!

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