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Thank You To Everyone Who Participated In The “Acting On Plastic” Industry Consultation

Thank you to everyone who participated in the “Acting on Plastic” Industry Consultation

Last month, Sustainable Media Production Canada held an Industry Consultation meeting to provide an opportunity for participants to learn more about the City of Toronto’s proposed measures on single-use plastics and takeaway items, discuss impacts, identify gaps and share solutions to reduce and eliminate plastic and food waste today.

The meeting kicked off with roundtable introductions among the 30+ highly engaged industry professionals who attended the event. Subject matter experts and solution providers were on hand to help provide insight and information.

Industry-specific legislation relating to single-use plastic was highlighted:

PW 31.10 Options to Address Single-Use Items, Misleading Advertising, and Textile Waste in the City of Toronto, 7 & 8.

Of special note was the fact the sale and distribution of bottled water is not allowed in parks or City of Toronto facilities. Since 2008, the City has been working with other city divisions to implement the water bottle ban, reduce litter/waste in parks and install water stations in strategic locations. See more here:

Special thanks to Virginia Kromkamp (Second Harvest), Rebecca Cotter (Water on Wheels), Shane Harker (Rethink Resource), Jacqueline Lam and Joanna Maracle (Toronto Food Film Festival) for sharing presentations on food rescue, mobile water stations, and waste diversion with the group. Many others shared their expertise, posed questions and considerations.

Phase 2 of the City of Toronto’s consultations have enjoyed historic engagement. It was noted that Vancouver will enact measures similar to Toronto’s proposed by-laws and fees in 2020. It was further noted that Vancouver’s film industry utilizes Toronto-based recycling facilities. Actions planned by the federal and provincial governments, including the impact of Extended Producer Responsibility on municipalities and the private sector, mean that waste reduction and reuse will continue to grow in importance for production with significant changes happening in the short and medium terms.

Please see SMPC’s submission made to the City of Toronto’s public consultation on single-use plastic. Stay tuned to learn more!

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