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Alectra Utilities Corporation

Air Quality, Batteries, Battery, Buildings, Clean Tech, Clean technology, Conservation, Construction, Cost Savings, Education, Electric Vehicles, Electricity, Energy, Energy Management, Energy Storage, EV, Financial, Fuel, Incentives, Innovation, Pilot Project, Power, Power Station, Renewable Energy, Retrofit, Save on Energy, Training, Utilities
55 John Street North, Hamilton, Southern Ontario, L8R 3M8
905-522-9200 /1-866-458-1236

Company Categories:
Environmental Services, Locations, Studios, Warehouses & Sets, Training & Education, Transportation, Travel, Accomodations & Personal Services

Relevant Services:
Bond Companies & Financial Services, Electricity, Power Supply and Climate Control, Environmental Services, Fuel, Government Services & Utilities, Office Service Providers, Office Space, Equipment & Supplies, Studios, Screening Facilities & Rehearsal Space, Unit Vehicles & Motor Homes, Warehouses, Other

Years in Business:
3-5 years

Years Servicing the Film Industry:
3-5 years

Company Overview

Please see Alectra Inc. on this listing, or consult the website for more information.

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