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Alternative Grounds Coffee Roasters

Catering, Coffee, Craft Service, Ethics, Fair Trade, Food, Office, Organics
130 Cawthra Avenue, Unit 103, Toronto, Greater Toronto Area, M6N 3C2


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Company Categories:
Travel, Accomodations & Personal Services

Relevant Services:
Catering & Craft Services

Years in Business:
More than 5 years

Years Servicing the Film Industry:
More than 5 years

Company Overview

Established in 1995, we are roasters and purveyors of certified organic and Fairtrade coffees operating in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). Our company is one of Canada’s first Fairtrade certified licensees and a member of Cooperative Coffees, an organization that brings together coffee roasters and coffee farmers to make a meaningful difference within our own communities and the global environment. Oh yeah, and create great coffee!

Green Products Or Services

Service Name: Organic Fairtrade Coffee

Description: Locally and artisanally roasted single origins coffees in an organic certified production facility committed to environmentally sustainable, transparent, traceable, and ethical trade.

How this green product or service differ than the industry norm: All of our coffees are sourced directly from farmer-owned co-operatives in Latin America, Africa and Indonesia. The coffee growing partners employ organic practices that prohibit the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms. Instead, coffee is cultivated using farming methods that help preserve the fauna, flora and water sources in diverse and vibrant tropical rainforest ecosystems. Through our sourcing company Cooperative Coffees, we support farmer-led projects seeking to reverse the negative impacts of climate change through soil regeneration and carbon sequestration in coffee producing regions. As coffee roasters, our company is committed to reducing our environmental footprint through the entire coffee production chain. We use biodegradable and recyclable packaging for both wholesale and retail formats.

Certified or verified by an independent third party: Fair-trade license (FLO-CERT international) Organic (Pro-Cert Organic)

Time Offering Service: More than 5 years

Awards or special recognitions: Fairtrade Canada Small/Independent Business Award

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