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Bio-digesters for Studios / Greg Whiteside

Buildings, Catering, Compost, Construction, Craft Service, Facilities, Food, Food Waste, Fuel, Renewable Energy, waste reduction, Zero Waste
This company works remotely, Toronto, Toronto, Greater Toronto Area, M8Z 6A1


Company Categories:
Environmental Services

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Relevant Services:
Catering & Craft Services

Years in Business:
Less than 2 years

Years Servicing the Film Industry:
Less than 2 years

Company Overview

Television-crew food waste - biodigester. Units make biogas for cooking and create a rich liquid fertilizer that can be used onsite or donated to local community gardens.

Green Products Or Services

Service Name: Biodigester for production

Description: “Crew Food - Waste Reduction Program” - Biodigesters. 40 seconds to grind the food up. Pour in the biodigester. Makes clean burning biogas to cook more food with. Also makes nutrient rich plant food that can be used to grow more food. Better than composting (no nitrogen loss) and ZERO WASTE! All studios and shows should use a system like this to reduce the enormous amount of food waste we generate on set and at lunch. My Film People.....Let me know if we can build a unit like this or bigger for your show!

How this green product or service differ than the industry norm: Converts food waste from craft or lunch into a nutrient rich organic fertilizer and safe, clean burning “carbon neutral” biogas. Biogas can be used to cook or warm food at lunch tomorrow, also to run a putt putt generator, gas heater or even a propane fridge (with minor modifications)

Time Offering Service: Less than 2 years

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