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Bytown Catering

Catering, Craft Services, Food, Local
2 - 5480 Canotek Rd. Ottawa, ON, Ottawa, Southern Ontario, K1J 9H7

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Relevant Services:
Catering & Craft Services

Years in Business:
More than 5 years

Years Servicing the Film Industry:
More than 5 years

Company Overview

A large fleet of refrigerated delivery vehicles to ensure food arrives safely at its destination Ottawa’s first CSA-approved self-contained Mobile Kitchen to enable Bytown Catering to cater anything anywhere anytime regardless of available services An enhanced contingency infrastructure whereby Bytown Catering can operate at full capacity during extended power outages and in just about any emergency situation The conversion of all refrigeration units from water-cooled to air-cooled resulting in more environmentally friendly operations through reductions in energy and water use

Green Products Or Services

Service Name: Catering

Description: Reduce Waste: Where disposable service is offered, we only use biodegradable and made from recycled material take-out containers, cups, plates and cutlery Use real dishes to the greatest extent possible Participate in recycling/diversion programs for specialized disposal of containers, cardboard, kitchen scraps, and grease. Reduce Energy Use: Buy local wherever and whenever possible Participate in programs such as peaksaver® and the installation of instantaneous water heaters Purchase ENERGY STAR® rated equipment Reduce transportation requirements by efficiently planning catering jobs and combining supplies for multiple catering events in one delivery. Reduce Water Use: Switched from a water-cooled to an air-cooled refrigeration system for all our cold storage for significant savings in water Using Water Conservation dish sprayers that use half the water of regular sprayers with no loss in performance

Awards or special recognitions: Consumer Choice Award - 2018

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