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Dish Catering

Catering, Craft Services, Food, Local
119 Ross Avenue, Ottawa, Southern Ontario, K1Y 0N6

Company Categories:

Relevant Services:
Catering & Craft Services

Years in Business:
More than 5 years

Years Servicing the Film Industry:
More than 5 years

Company Overview

DISH does it just right, every darn time. We care, we love food and we treat every event and menu with exacting detail. Your next event should be seamless so, we'll help you create just what is needed. Please check the website for more information. Dish tells us they use compostable dishware, full compostable waste systems and recycling.

Green Products Or Services

Service Name: Catering

Description: Compostable; sugar cane, potato starch, bamboo, paper recyclable plate, utensils and beverage cups. full compostable waste systems and recycling.

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