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Nimbus Water Systems

Beverage, Catering, Circular Economy, Craft Services, Dispenser, Food, Location Support, Plastic-free, Reuse, Sustainability, Water, Water bottle, Zero Waste
112 Oakdale Rd,, Toronto, Greater Toronto Area, M3N 1V9
(416) 398-2028

Company Categories:
Environmental Services, Locations, Studios, Warehouses & Sets, Recycling, Reuse and Disposal

Relevant Services:
Catering & Craft Services

Years in Business:
More than 5 years

Years Servicing the Film Industry:
More than 5 years

Company Overview

Great tasting pure water at your fingertips. The best way to eliminate plastic water bottles within the office. Bottleless® Water Coolers - The World's Most Advanced Point-of-Use Drinking Water Dispenser Systems! Our patented technologies coupled with a four stage Reverse Osmosis system, and stainless steel water holding tank, delivers freshness you can taste! Bottle Filling Stations - Reduce the cost and waste associated with bottled water with Bottle Fillers. Our environmentally-friendly solutions reduce plastic bottle waste with drinking fountain combos or stand-alone units. Modular units and multiple models can accommodate a variety of workplace and educational environments. Reverse Osmosis, water filtration and water softener systems for all your commercial and industrial needs. Please check the website for more information.

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