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Warren's Waterless Printing Inc.

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Laycock, Warren's Waterless Printing Inc., Toronto, Greater Toronto Area, M9M 2H4
1-800-820-7702 / 416-745-8200

Company Categories:
Environmental Services, Production Support, Training & Education

Relevant Services:
Office Service Providers, Office Space, Equipment & Supplies, Script / Continuity, Trade Directories & Publications, Training & Education, Other

Years in Business:
More than 5 years

Years Servicing the Film Industry:
More than 5 years

Awards or special distinctions for sustainability and/or community service:
Certifications: FSC, Certified Ontario Environmental Leaders. Carbon Zero, CCME Awards Please see the website.

Company Overview

We provide an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional offset printing with competitive prices and superior quality. Warren’s Waterless Printing is a pioneer in the industry and has received more accreditations and coveted awards for its proven leadership in environmental stewardship than any other printer in Canada. As Canada’s only dedicated waterless printer, Warren’s is able to provide a printing solution from conception in prepress right through to the finishing and bindery stages. There is much more to being environmentally friendly than providing recycled papers and vegetable inks. Our process utilizes three critical initiatives below. Waterless Printing Presses We eliminate the use of vast amounts of water and the need to dispose of tainted water. Select Recycled Papers We recommend using truly recycled paper, like Forest Stewardship Council® certified paper. Renewable Power Source Our entire facility is Bullfrog powered, using a sustainable, renewable energy source to power our printing operation. Utilizing proven technology for prepress production and proofing, and fully dedicated waterless presses with perfecting capabilities, Warren’s offers a wide range of prepress solutions for both PC and Mac formats. Please consult the website for more information.

Green Products Or Services

Service Name: Environmental Printing

Description: Please see our company description and website for more information.

How this green product or service differ than the industry norm: Traditional printing requires the use of a dampening system to support the ink on the plates. Waterless printing uses a hybrid plate that supports ink without the use of a dampener. This eliminates the need for chemical additives and dampening solutions, eliminating the use of up to 80,000 litres of water that would be used by a single traditional 40″ press. With minimal dot gain, Waterless printing can use a higher line screen. Combined with better register control and a wider colour range, the result is sharper impressions with more depth and better colour consistency.

Certified or verified by an independent third party: Since 2011, Warren’s has offset 92 tonnes of CO2 emissions to achieve certified carbon-neutral status. Warren’s Waterless has also been certified by the City of Toronto as a Zero-Discharge facility.

Time Offering Service: More than 5 years

Awards or special recognitions: See website for more information.

Service Name: Digital Printing

Description: Digital printing produces amazing colour brochures, black and white manuals, unique sales and promotional products on a wide range of substances in small to large quantities. High-end, full colour printing is: Ideal for small or prototype runs Print only the quantity you require Repeat small run later at a similar cost Permits document customization Reasonable fees for small runs Quick turn around on small or large projects.

How this green product or service differ than the industry norm: No water contamination, reduced carbon emissions, and other benefits.

Certified or verified by an independent third party: See Company description for a list of certifications. Also, you may consult the website under Certifications.

Time Offering Service: More than 5 years

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