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Water on Wheels

Catering, Craft Services and Catering, Water, Water Bottles, Zero Waste
Online offerings, Markham, Greater Toronto Area, L7N 2Z9
Rebecca Cotter

Company Categories:
Environmental Services, Equipment, Locations, Regional Film Contacts and Support, Production Support, Recycling, Reuse and Disposal

Relevant Services:
Catering & Craft Services, Environmental Services, Recycling & Garbage Disposal Services

Years in Business:
3-5 years

Years Servicing the Film Industry:
3-5 years

Company Overview

Water-on-Wheels (WOW) has been keeping people hydrated since 2010. WOW exclusively sells Canadian-made stainless steel water refill stations to special events, colleges, universities, municipalities, governments and other organizations. WOW stations connect to existing water sources (fire hydrants. hose faucets) and allow patrons to refill their re-usable water bottles at your next event. See website for your more information.

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