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Volunteer With Us!

Volunteer with us!

Workshop leader Angelia Hughes, Sarah Margolius and volunteer Bezawit Debele at a recent workshop.

We have many initiatives underway to make a difference when it comes to the environment. That means plenty of opportunities to help make a difference, gain skills, meet amazing people and connect with great opportunities!

Current volunteer opportunities include:

  • event management
  • social media, marketing and communications
  • outreach and engagement
  • fundraising and sponsorship
  • front-line charitable work with an affiliated community program or organization
  • other cool stuff we can tell you about!

Whether you have a few hours or wish to make a longer commitment, our office at the Centre for Social Innovation-Annex is a shared work environment which is great for connecting with other innovators and environmental leaders.  Students are welcome, too (we will sign off on volunteer hours).

Interested in learning more? Please get in touch or email

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